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YouTube V8Supercars/ATCC ISO Special

Russell Ingall and Paul Morris's YouTube channel is continuing to grow with the two uncompromisingly honest former racers have built a steady channel on the backbone of being brutally honest and talking about issues with the sport no one else wants to, In this episode Russell pays a visit to the Stone Brothers to get reacquainted with his championship Falcon as it begins a full restoration.

Working on the #WannaBeRacer XF lately has been made even more pleasant with watching old V8 Supercar races, Something about reliving those older races all over again makes working on the car almost a relaxing exercise, seeing the likes of Dick Johnson, Glen Seton, John Bowe, Mark Skaife and even the recent retiree Craig Lowndes race again in those amazing old race cars brings me right back into my childhood and to what I think was the golden age of Australian Motorsport.

Two RS500 Cosworths in a shed in the UK, that just happens to be Dick Johnson's old Sierra's and one of them being the DJR 2 Sierra that was missing for years check it out and the awesome story on how they found it.

The speed of modern Supercars is truly something amazing to watch and the lap times are now to point I don't think we ever thought we would get to, but there's something about watching the way the older ATCC cars would go about attacking a Bathurst pole lap, seeing those high horsepower, under tire'd and minimal downforce race cars just slide around the mountain is truly an art form to watch and something that the sport is in need of again.

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