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Work Ute Or Racecar? Why Not Both

Ian Porter turned an Aussie workhorse into a full-blown track devil, and we aren't even mad, to take a car that was designed for Aussie tradie's to be a tool for work, to get them from A to B and then take that cut it up chuck some magic at it and turn it into a genuine Supercar killer is just plain genius in our books.

The trusty old workhorse Ute tub has had some slight massaging, and by massaging we mean Ian cut and removed most of it and replaced it with a 300zx rear end, having a full IRS rear end is probably the main thing that transforms this from a hotrod work ute into a proper track car, also up the back is some pretty decent bar work that holds the 747 style wing on the back of the car and at speeds forces that arse end to the ground!

Upfront is the always trusty Barra, this one out of a 2010 FG is pretty much stock with a few reliability mods like valve springs and oil pump gears, but don't let that fool you it still makes 670rwhp, amazing a standard engine with bolt-on mods can make that much power and just goes to show why the turbo Barra platform is so popular.

Photos by - Beau Jansen

BONUS - Motive Video

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