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What It Costs To Drift With The Best

Motorsport is expensive, really stupidly bloody expensive... But just how expensive is something you never truly find out until you experience it first hand for yourself, for whatever reason the true costs of going racing seems to be something that's not openly talked about and kept quite like some cult secret. Sure you can ask around what it costs for certain series and get roughish kind of numbers but no one will truly break it down for you, well until Josh Robinson an Aussie drifter chasing the dream in America running in the premier drifting series in the world decided he will tell all and document his spending to date, some people would be put off by the truly staggering amounts it takes to manage and run a Pro level drifting program but Josh has done this and in great detail too. This kind of information is truly priceless (no pun intended) for up and comers to be able to see this and set the goals realistically is truly more help then you can imagine, while this is only a detailed budget for drifting it quickly shows you how expensive motorsport truly is!

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