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#WannaBeRacer - Interior Makeover Time Part 1

The first time I sat in a race car I was about 14 years old, my dad is a panel beater and for whatever reason, he had at his work Larry Perkins VK Group A race car, now to my dad it was just some old commodore but to me, it was the greatest thing I'd ever seen, I was there to do work with my dad but ill openly admit for those few days all I did was stare at that car and whenever I could just sit in it and imagine My self piloting across the top of mount panorama, see to me the inside of a race car is one of if not the best parts, theirs something about the raw aggressive feeling inside of a race car to me that just isn't matched by anything.

So why am I giving mine a makeover already? well I want to finish it off even better this time, Starting off in this part with a floor repaint!

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