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Throwback To The ETS RPS13

To be honest Beau and I have been bloody lazy as of late when it comes to creating content, we recently both sat down and set our goal for next year to be to shoot a shit load more, We don't want to sound like we are coming up with a list of excuses but in all fairness, we have been distracted by lots of other things going on this year and we really need to make sure we prioritise our time to LLR and mark my words in 2020 we will do that!

So to make up for my laziness here are some photos from this year's Black Label Invitational show of Nigel Petries RPS13.

This day and age there is a lot of "Car Builders" but for anyone that is familiar with Nigel or Engineered to Slides work you will know that he redefines the term "Car builder".

Pretty much anything you see on his builds that isn't stock its fair to say Nigel probably created it himself.

When it comes to fabrication Nigel's work is like art pieces on display, and yer those headers look amazing but he doesn't stop there every little piece you can see on the car has so much thought and time put into it, there isn't anything that stands out as if it shouldn't be there.

I remember the first time I saw Nigel post on his blog about creating the dash and instantly I made a mistake I thought what the hell is he doing that looks odd why would he not just run a standard dash and race it up a bit, well bugger me once I seen the finished product I knew never to question his work again I mean take a look at it, it looks like its suppose to be made for that car.

It's amazing how well everything works on this car and seriously if you haven't seen this car or anything of his other creations in person before do yourself a favour find an event he's attending and go check them out for yourself he's work is second to no one!

And as for shooting I absolutely loved taking photos of this car and I am super determined to actually take my expensive paperweight of a camera out and use it a ton more so stay tuned!

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