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This Month On YouTube

I never get bored of seeing Riley Stair's Trans Am, and this the latest video of a detailed breakdown of his build is pretty good, so do yourself a favour and check out one of the best builds or recent times.

What else is there to say, the above video is the worlds first AWD turbo quad rotor RX7 screaming its tits off, so yer you should probably click the link and watch the video!

Who in there right mind cuts up there Murcielago? Phil Morrison that's who, the owner and founder of Driftworks has some of the craziest builds you'll ever see and his OCD when it comes to a cars/racecars stance is one we like.

This just might be one of the most epic E36 BMW's on the planet, built to tackle Pikes Peak there is nothing untouched on this incredible beast, our favourite part of the build is upfront there isn't an LS engine and instead, it's running a P63 V8 from a GT3 M6 pushing out a lazy 1150 hp but that's just the start of this epic build check the video out yourself.

Lando Norris is one of Formula 1's young up and coming superstars, and luckily for us, he has jumped on the vlogger bandwagon and giving us an unprecedented behind the scenes look of an F1 drivers life, from anything on how he trains, to attending events and behind the scenes at a Grand Prix weekend Lando's vlogs have it all.

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