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This Is The Formula 1 We Love

The start of the year we were talking about whats wrong with the current state of Formula 1, now after the last half dozen Grand Prix's its hard to argue theirs anything wrong at all, we have had great Grand Prix's every weekend and last nights topped the lot, Hockenheim never fails to turn on a decent race so add some rain to that and you know your in for a great race and that's exactly what we got last night a truly great race, we want uncertainty and wheel to wheel racing and not see by turn 1 of lap 1 the race for the win over and done with and that's what these old school tracks seem to keep on providing, Its hard to believe that a track like Hockenheim's future isn't guaranteed for next year but surely after last night and the last few GP weekends the Formula 1 board and FIA need to realise that the old traditional GP circuits promote epic racing, the kinda of racing that we the fans want and love from this sport, and yer there are other improvements we can make to the sport sure, bring back refuelling and reduce the aero influence to a following car but the first step we must take is keep racing at tracks like Hockenheim!

Enjoy the next seven minute highlight video but its not long enough the whole 64 laps was a highlight!

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