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The Unlikely Racer - Hyundai Excel Sports Sedan

When deciding what car to use to build a race car not many people would think to use a Hyundai Excel, but luckily for us Liam Hill did, I don't think I've ever looked at an Excel and thought that's cool, well that all changed the day I laid eyes on Liam's crazy race car, this thing redefines what the typical race car is.

To be honest theirs really not much Hyundai left, Liam has literally cut out all of the Hyundai sheet metal and left the bare skin to wrap around his hand built custom chassis.

A quick look inside the Excel and you realise just like the outside of this car its all very serious business, there no extra comforts all that is left is for pure speed.

The in your face rear wing surely would intimidate F1 cars for the amount of down-force it could produce, as big as it is though it doesn't look out of place it some how fits in so well with the car and helps provide the little Excel such an aggressive look.

Formerly powered by a SR20 Liam has ditched that power plant in favour of an EX Ford Performance Racing V8 Supercar engine, now the photo isn't playing tricks with you the engine is sitting in the passenger seat.

Centre of gravity and weight distribution is something that Liam and his team are obviously working very hard at and they look to have nailed it, the results on the track should be quite interesting, and quite... FAST!

I believe the Shock/spring combo is out of a FPR V8 Supercar also, why redesign the wheel when theirs something out there that is proven to work, Liam's adapted it to his suspension geometry pretty well.

You don't have to study this car for long to be able to tell that the Sports Sedan series will have a serious front running contender with Liam and Excel once its done, this car looks to have all the ingredients to a true front running car.

This is truly a car that I cant wait to see finished and back on track, the upgrades and work Liam has done are going to translate to some serious speed mind boggling speed.

To keep up to date with this build follow along at the following

Facebook - Riverside Racing Hyundai Excel Sports Sedan

Instagram - @LiamgHill

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