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The Melbourne Grand Prix That Never Happened

As I sit here trying to write this I can't help but feel a bit depressed, ok very depressed, every year we look forward to the Melbourne Grand the same way kids look forward to Christmas morning. I try explain to friends and family how unique it feels being at Albert Park Lake to watch the greatest racing car drivers in the world start there season off, but its something you have to experience for a full weekend to truly understand, for the last 15 odd years Beau and two of our uncles have attended every Grand Prix and that excitement and joy is still the same with every passing year.

This year was the first year though that the Grand Prix broke our hearts, we attended the Thursday like it was just your normal typical Grand Prix weekend.

Thursday afternoon we had heard about the HAAS and McLaren team members being isolated for the COVID-19 virus and instantly we knew the rest of the weekend could be in doubt, we made a point to stay as late as possible Thursday I'm pretty sure we would have been the last people to leave.

We watched the sunset over Albert Park and drift off over behind the city and we all sat there talking about how much we love this event and how much it means to us all...

Waking up Friday morning my phone was lit up like a Christmas tree with messages and tags on social media, I'd been sent a 100 copies of unofficial articles that the Grand Prix had been cancelled but that wasn't enough for us we got up and headed off to the track hoping somehow someway the event would go on even though McLaren had pulled out of the Grand Prix and even though Kimi and Seb had rumoured to have left in the early hours of the morning heading home.

We aren't here to talk about Corona virus and to put fear into everyone and scare people more then they need to be about something we are also told is similar to the common flu, we are just here to vent on how much it sucks to be so close to our favourite weekend something that means so much to the motorsport culture and soul only to have it snapped away, the only positive I take from this is that it'll be back next year and we can't bloody wait, until then hopefully people stop eating weird shit like bats and causing the world to go into disarray, but for now, enjoy the very few photos we did take on Thursday as we had planned on shooting a lot Friday, Enjoy everyone and have a great weekend.

Myself, Beau, our uncles Lawrence &Ray

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