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Netflix's Formula 1 - Drive To Survive

If you are like me and for some reason you haven't yet seen the Netflix documentary Drive To Survive then you need to do yourself a favour and watch it, actually do it now, right now! For what every reason when it was released my Netflix would freeze when trying to watch it, not on any other program just the one Formula 1 doco I was so bloody keen to see.

I kept hearing from so many people and even people that are not into F1 or motorsport that it was amazing, so for when I finally got to see it I was absolutely shocked Formula 1 is something I grew up with, every other weekend of my childhood I can remember turning on the TV at night to watch either Michael Schumacher or Mark Webber my two hero's go out there and race and I loved every single thing about it, but this series has taken it to the next level, you get to see pure emotion, anger, bitterness and envy and just everything that you don't get to see in a race weekend telecast, you have all this access to the teams and drivers and you get to see them with out a filter, see them at there highs and lows but without the F1 perfect world fakeness and its absolutely bloody fantastic!

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