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Recently visiting The Thunderdome has got me thinking once again about the resurrection of Calder Park.

This place once was the home to V8 Supercar racing, NASCAR racing, and Top Fuel drag racing.

Sadly the last few decades its slowly sat dying.

But can it have life breathed back into it and be great once again?

Tony Quinn has recently brought Queensland Raceway back to life and not only back to life it's now better than it ever has been.

The Thunderdome isn't what we are talking about bringing back to life either, I'm not saying it should be condemned it is constantly the home to drifting and should continue to do so.

But the National Circuit is what needs the attention, a resurface of the track and update to current safety rules could see the return of circuit racing, and with the almost certain demise of Sandown being imminent a new home for circuit racers is desperately needed. We hear every election grand plans from the government of multi-million dollar racing complexes to be built but they are at best just a way to sway voters.

We don't want another $150+ million dollar circuit like Talem Bend that with respect really lacks character, I can't think of a track built in the last decade that is a fan favorite, they are too smooth too flat, and too perfect. Calder Parks national circuit provided some of V8 Supercars' most exciting races, the fast short circuit is one that we need back again.

So please someone, clear out the grounds, removed all the dilapidated crap, resurface the track and slap some paint on the joint and bring back circuit racing, imagine this circuit racing in the colder months, drag racing in the hot months, and drifting year round on the Thunderdome, its a dream but its a bloody good one! #MakeCalderGreatAgain

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