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Is This The Supercars Savior?

What is Supercars without that age old battle of Red versus Blue? Is the Ford versus Holden (GM) rivalry more important then the popular drivers and fancy tech?

Well to us yes it is, to quote Mark Skaife "Supercars must keep Holden fans for the sport to survive" well today's news might just do that.

Will the Chevrolet Camaro entice Holden fans to flock to the race tracks and TV sets to cheer on the General against Ford, and to be honest would Ford want to compete without there arch enemy?

To us the arrival of Camaro to the sport in 2022 is a massive sigh or relief, the sport we grew up obsessed with for the immediate future seems to have been saved, the thought of a Camaro and a Mustang Lining up of the 2022 grid is probably the most exciting news we've had for a decade and while it is deeply sad to loose Holden and the Commodore from the grid at least for now we have something else to get behind.

How much will GM commit to the sport, well that is yet to be seen and is this a permanent fix, well probably not but for now we have a future in the sport to look forward to and it looks good!

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