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Is MotoGP The Most Exciting Racing In The World ATM?

This is a tough question, and not because it's hard to answer, if anything I find this question really easy to answer, the reason I find it tough is I am as biased as they come when it comes to being more of a car racing fan than a motorcycle racing fan, but lately I'm finding myself enjoying MotoGP more and more then my favorite childhood series like Formula 1 and V8 Supercars.

MotoGP races literally are like a corny action movie, there's stupid crazy action from lap 1 to the final lap right up until the finish line, but unlike a crazy action movie there's nothing artificial or fake about MotoGP races, the fact that nearly every rider on the grid has the chance to win isn't because of random safety cars or hektik pit strategies, unlike nearly every other series in the world atm qualifying doesn't dictate the race at all, the bloke who starts mid-pack still has a high chance of coming through the field and winning, the top 10 change positions a few dozen times over a race distance, so surely every other racing series should be able to learn from MotoGP shouldn't they?

But it can't be that simple, "can it"? Well, yer I think it is, why can't F1 drivers race wheel to wheel... too much downforce, why has Supercars racing become a bit of a procession... too much downforce... What fundamentally makes MotoGP so good, lots of horsepower and bugger all aero, literally there strapped onto overpowered under gripped bikes and go out there and rag the hell out of the bike, mistakes are aplenty because the bikes lack of downforce and aero means they move around a lot, braking distances are longer and this all plays into the thing we all love so dearly, wheel to wheel action and it's about time the rest of the motorsport world wakes up, strip back the downforce and reduce the grip!

Its that simple, cut back that aero, and let the drivers truly do the work, let the cars be able to follow each other and not be disadvantaged by the proceeding cars dirty aero, lets bring back wheel to wheel racing in F1 let's bring back the biff in Supercars and let's watch the motorsport world grow leaps and bounds from this!

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