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Doing It For The Gram Episode 1.1 - The Beginning

So every other week from now on we plan to bring you guys this new blog series, "Doing It For The Gram" Social media cops a bit of stick and negativity as of late but when used the right way its a beautiful thing and for us.. well simply we love it, all we need to do is pull our phones out of our pockets and we can see builds and cars from all around the world at any time, every day I unashamedly look forward to jumping on Instagram and looking at photos of cars and I can do this all day long if I wanted to, so that's when I had the thought you guys need to see some of the epic cars and builds that we see so that's how this blog series came to light, its time to share some of our favourite's!

So first up one of my favourite automotive photographers on Instagram, Craven take's some of the cleanest photos and this is the style I hope to be able to achieve one day, in this my favourite post of his he has shot one of the craziest street cars ever, pretty big statement I know, but how many people have a full blown Lamborghini Super Trofeo Gallardo as there weekend cruiser?

Concept design renders seem to be the latest craze at the moment and Al Yasid of Yasiddesign is hands down our favourite, the only problem we find with his designs are we want to see some one bring them to life.

Fabian owns quite possibly the nicest E30 and RWB builds of recent times, his E30 has just been completed and features one of Live To Offends custom widebody M3 bodykits the first of its kind in Europe, but what really got my attention is the wheels, made by a company called Messer they are insane and are the perfect amount of race and show and quite frankly I want a set for the XF!!

Now i'm sure by now if you've followed me on social media or through this blog you will know I have a little bit of a soft spot for Porsche's and JJ's 911 is probably one of my favourite recent Porsche builds, from the slant nose front to the Rotifrom Turbo fans to the race car inspired livery I would love to be cruising this thing up passed St Kilda beach on nice summer day.

jt_jansen has built probably my favourite RWB Porsche, his 930 Turbo is the perfect mixture of race and show, when asked what my favourite style of build is I often answer Race-Stance and this is the definition of that, aggressive offset, big tyres and a roll cage to me there no better modifications you can make to a car and this white on white beauty has nailed the look perfectly!

Cutting up a 911 isn't something the purist's will like but in this case when all is said and done I think most people will like what they see, the guys at Oilstainlab started with a $450 911 shell... yep you read that right $450 shell bloody unheard of in Australia, they've got the roll cage nearly complete and have managed to cut the shell up beyond recognition, I for one am a big 911 fan am super excited to follow this build.

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