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Designing A Livery For A Pro Drift Car

So as some may know my little brother is an up and coming drifter, and this weekend he plans to make his pro debut in the Hi-Tec Drift Australia series at Wakefield Park, so since he's going from Pro-am to Pro this weekend he thought it would be fitting to have the car looking more professional with a proper livery, in comes Beau this is his bread and butter, he's done all our liveries for our sim racing and all our logos and clothing since we started LLR together 4 years ago, what Taylar wanted was simple he wanted the car to have a similar look to a modern sprint car/NASCAR livery and I think Beau has hit the nail on the head with what he has produced. We had the guys from WRAPD UP come around and slapped the vinyl on the car and watch Beaus design come to life, not only does the car look amazing it also will help with attracting more sponsors for the car and Taylar.

Best of luck this weekend Taylar LLR is rooting for you mate!

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