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Black Label Invitational 2019

Black Label Invitational is one of Australia's newest car shows and after Sunday's show its one of the best, the quality of cars on display was absolute top notch, the shows aims more towards stanced Euro's and Japanese cars and I tell you what the scene is obviously booming in Australia because some of the builds there where of top notch, the overall atmosphere of the shows was awesome with a real laid back feel, they even had a massive Theatre screen setup at one end of the venue with the Fast and Furious movies playing.

This is a show we will definitely go back to in the future and maybe even with an invite bring the XF to aswell and show the guys domestics can play the stance game pretty well to, the Melbourne Showgrounds seems to be the goto place for Australian car scene over the last few years, and for good reason, smack bang in the middle of Melbourne and packed to the brim every-time considering this was the first show for Black Label we are super excited to see show number 2.

This AE86 build is looking pretty special, we cant wait to see it once its finished.

This JZ swapped 180sx is easily one of the cleanest built S-chassis car's we have ever seen, the paint work looked like glass, the JZ swap was so clean you could hear it screaming just by looking.

It was 10 years ago that I met Nigel Petrie and seen his PS13 for the first time in this very building, 10 years on he, Engineered to Slide and the RPS13 have come along way, it was awesome to see the 13 and see how it has now transitioned into a circuit car, It was great to catch up with Nigel and chat about business and life and see how well he is doing, If your no familiar with ETS do yourself a favour and check out his website and see all the amazing things he gets up to, you'll be hard pressed to find a more passionate person in the customising scene - Engineered to Slide

I'm not gonna lie I do love me a Phat arse Porsche!

White on white yes PLEASE!

The BMW scene in Melbourne seem's to be buzzing, it felt like a 3rd of the cars in the exhibition building were BMW's but we weren't disappointed as they all looked amazing.

This E36 looks like something i've been dreaming up in my head for a quick little project post the XF is done, the E36 is a quality little car that you can get for a decent price and parts are a plenty!

Until next time Black Label we look forward to it!

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