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BBI Autosport, Nico Rosberg Vlog, Ken Block And More In Our Latest YouTube Playlist.

Designing and building a full blown race car to attack the Pikes Peak Hill Climb would typically take 12 months plus to do but not when your BBI Autosport, they decided that in a months time they where going to completely strip down a Carrera Cup Car and turn it into an outright Pikes Peak animal.

From Formula 1 Champion of the world to YouTube vlogger Nico Rosberg takes us on a behind the scenes look of his life, from buying and customising his AMG Project One to thoughts and opinions on F1 to the occasional racetrack endeavours.

Ken Block attacking a rally stage at full tilt, thats pretty much what this video is and its bloody epic, He is one crazy crazy man that can drive the wheels off a car.

Driftworks turn out some epic builds, we did a blog post last year on there E30 M3 circuit car build last year and now Driftworks owner Phil has decided to pull apart his Lamborghini Murcielago and reinvent it, one of the latest car trends is something I like to call Race Stance, a mixture of aggressive stance meets racecar, Phil's plans to add a R-GT Murci body kit and convert the car back to H pattern and add ITB throttle setup is just awesome and we cant wait to see the end results.

Mad Mikes relationship with Red Bull seems to be going from strength to strength, the professional drifter and the energy drinks giant have teamed up once again to build this epic Lamborghini Huracan drift demo car, so checkout this behind the scenes look into the build!

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