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Ever since i can remember my dream has been to one day build and race my own racecar. Then when i was 14 Ford brought out the b series falcon and the widely known and loved xr6 turbo and i said to myself one day ill build a racecar out of one.

Skip forward 16 years and i have finally found and purchased myself just that car. Introducing LLR1.

The car you see is a 2006 Bf Xr6 Turbo in winter white and most importantly t56 manual. Shes a little bit rough but its a great starting point for what i have planned for it.

I really just want to share with you all the plans i have but ill save it for a later date when the build actually starts (or maybee ill tease a few bits and peaces on our instagram page).

The car came with a few mods already done such as a few engine mods and a tune running roughly 9psi, heavy duty clutch, front Ap Racing brakes and Enkei GTC01 wheels.

One plan i will share is that no matter how the car turns out the biggest goal is to keep registration and insurance on the car as i want to drive it to some track days and the occasional local car show.

Im hopeing the build will start roughly around the end of may start of june once we have moved in the house and the bank account builds up a little bit (dam grown up things).

I hope you all like the new beast to be in the Let Loose Racing stable and im sure it will look perfect sitting next to Matts Xf in our garage. Thanks for reading.

Extra images:

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