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The Future Is Coming And Its Electric!

I'm the first to admit, electric power scares me, and the main reason as to why it scares me is that its looking more and more inevitable that the combustion engine's time is limited, all major automotive manufactures are investing heavily into electric power plants and having great success's doing so, but, I have seen a glimmer of hope that electric engines can be cool!

When I first saw Debolox Engineering latest creation I had zero idea that it was electric powered, the fairing's hide it so well and leave very little hints to the power plant, To be honest this was truly the first time i saw something electric powered and didn't think why why why, straight away I thought wow that would be fun to hang on to and secondly holy shit it looks amazing!

Now when you think about a Formula Drift build and mention its a Camaro you know for a fact its a no brainer its going to be LS powered.... well you would normally be right but this Camaro is anything but normal, under the bonnet of this Camaro is a 515hp 800Ib/ft electric motor and its kind of cool i'm genuinely intrigued to see how this is going to perform and how they will continue to develop it!

This excites me the most when it comes to electric power this car is genuinely epic, to replace the screaming boxer engine in a Porsche is sacrilege but for what ever reason a Tesla engine in this RWB Porsche just works, it all looks so natural and seems to just go well together so much so that not only do I want to drive it I'd love to own it its that cool!

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