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The Porsche's Of The Australian Grand Prix

Growing up I never really thought much of Porsche, or Ferrari or Lamborghini to be honest, I just never quite got the whole hype about them, To me my feelings towards a car were not determined by how much said car cost and for what ever reason I believed that this was the only reason people ever like these cars so I never got passed the price tag, I never allowed my self to see the true beauty, And over the last 10 years I have really come to see the beauty asthetically and mechanically!

The beauty of Porsche is dramatically multiplied when it comes to the world of motorsport, not many manufactures stack up against the likes of Porsche, they've concurred every corner of the motorsport world time and time again and there commitment to racing is something no other manufacturer comes even close to stacking up against.

When it comes to "one make" racing know one does it like Porsche, The Carrera Cup series is one of if not the biggest in the world, with drivers from these respected national series getting world wide recognition and opportunities, this would be one of my single biggest racing goals to one day wrestle one of the epic machines around a racetrack.

GT3 is another massive world wide catergory and one that Porsche is also heavily involved in. Being one of the older models in this series Scott Taylor's GT3R shown here is easily to me one of the most beautiful racecars made.

Not all the Porsche at the Grand Prix are racecars and this 911 is a fine example of a Sunday cruiser, subtle and elegant this is a project I would love to tackle one day although I doubt mine would be referred to as subtle.

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