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Its Time To Finish The WannaBeRacer XF

We've now shown the XF a fair bit, we had its first outing at Motor Ex and we may still have it on display there again this year, we took it to Sydney for World Time Attack later on in the year and then most recently we had it out at Melbourne Airport for Fitted Festival, And then to top it off it has just been featured by StanceWorks, the car had a fantastic reception from the StanceWorks community and I couldn't be happier but now its time to really get stuck into what this car was truly built for, its time to get it track ready!

Its a sad fact but I've owned the XF for 12 years and I've only ever driven it once when I was 16, I had a little squirt in it for the StanceWorks photoshoot but truth be told I wouldn't really call it driving, more moving back in fourth in a straight line to try get a photo, not once getting out of 2nd gear and not really squeezing that throttle in anger. So what needs to be done so we can drive it, and enjoy it? well still a little bit, the diff needs to come out and be rebuilt with a suited ratio, the the trans tunnel needs some massaging at the rear for tail shaft clearance, Bog Stock Conversions will tune it once thats all done and they will also do some fab work on the car to finish off a few bits and pieces that I wanna do.

I've watched this video of Abbie Eaton attacking Donington Park in a Group C VH commodore over and over again, This is the experience I want from the XF this is the type of race car I want it to be. I also love the quality of video, something I plan on bringing to you all and even further to that I've been considering the idea of Vlog'ing the build and journey out onto the racetrack... Let me know what you all think about that? good or bad idea! Hopefully you all will see some decent progress over the coming months.

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