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YouTube Playlist - The Vlog Life!!

Vlogging is something I tend to be thinking about more and more of late, do people really wanna see me and the XF in vlogs? Truthfully I have no idea but I know I enjoy watching others vlog there Motorsport life so maybe I should show my journey? and as a bonus you get to keep those memories on film, so who knows i'm pretty 50-50 about it at the moment but you may see the #WannaBeRacer blog start soon let us know what you think, for now I thought we'd share some of the vlogs Beau and I watch at the moment so check them out.

Cleetus Mcfarland is the red neck freedom loving bald eagle driving maniac that you just cant help to love, whether he's driving Leeroy to a world record quarter mile pass or setting fire to the back wheels of neighbour theirs always something going on during his weekly videos worth checking out.

It wasn't till Jon Olsson's Vlogs that I really understood the whole Vlog hype, I never quite understood the point of watching someone film randoms parts of there life, but after a couple episodes with Jon I was hooked, his passion for living life to the fullest is hard not to enjoy, he is by far my favourite vlogger and he really turns the game up to 11, when it comes to quality of content.

Adam LZ is a bmx rider turned drifter turned car collector of late, he started with his 180sx build and over the last few years worth of vlogs now has quite the impressive line up of car, his newest toy, a brand new GT3RS.

Driftworks is responsible for the drift scene being as big as it is in the UK, there vlog shows you all the behind the scenes of the Driftworks HQ, there awesome toy collection, project build's and drifting comps they attend.

Andreas Bakkerud is a rally cross driver that vlogs his motorsport career, he does a great job of showing you what it takes to go racing, from trying to find sponsors, to trying to find a series to compete in, if your into Motorsport you'll definitely want to check his channel out.

Hailie Deegan is one of the biggest up and coming names in motorsport at the moment, daughter to freestyle motor cross legend Brian Deegan Hailie is starting to take the stock car scene by storm and slowly but surely making her impact on the Nascar scene as she continues her journey to becoming a Cup series driver.


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