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Fitted Festival 6

Coming into 2019 we new we wanted to get to as many car shows as possible for one to bring our Let Loose followers as much content as possible and two to try show case Matts XF to as many people as possible before we take it racing some time mid this year. We had seen a lot of content on social media of the Fitted Festival events over the years and we were big fans so when we heard that number 6 would be hosted at Melbourne airport we new we had to get the XF out of hiding and on show to be part of this event.

Unfortunately the weather in the morning scared off a lot of people from bringing out there cars to the event but fortunately for Fitted Festival there events start later on in the evening and goes into the night and by then the rain had gone and the sun came out just before the gates opened.

There were plenty of cars on show of all different varieties ranging from 70s muscle all the way to latest and most expensive supercars.

My personal favourite car of the event was this amazing Ford GT built by the owner of the shop Renner Autos. The detail and craftmanship in the build was incredible and I love seeing a mix of old and new mixed together.

Powering this monster was a Ford Coyote engine with custom exhaust and 8 stack ITB setup. We didn't get any other info on whats been done to the engine or what gearbox but maybe that will come in a future blog.

The interior in is just as impressive with gauges and custom bits all over the place such as custom Renner Auto Carbon fibre seats that were moulded around the driver for a perfect fitment and he tells us there actually quite comfortable.

It wouldn't be fitted festival without a bunch of skylines and Fitted 6 had plenty on display.

There were also a few businesses both big and small with products on show. My favourite and one I always tend to move towards was the Motec tent.

Oh and this modest looking 1500+ all wheel horsepower 8.4 second quarter mile R35 GTR at the Motec tent was a nice touch also.

There were plenty of Mustangs on show also but none as nice as this 67 fastback.

Later on in the evening when the sun went down all eyes were turned to the main stage were they unveiled a host of cars.

I for one didn't mind this idea as it was something different from the norm and I had never photographed cars at night so gave me a chance to try something new.

To conclude the event despite the weather working against them I think the event was quite good. There was a really good variety of vehicles on display and the quality of the cars were really high. Hopefully the team at Fitted feel the same and we see another event in the future bigger and better.

Thanks for reading.

Bonus Pics.

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