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StanceWorks Feature The WannaBeRacer XF

About a month ago I was talking to Mike Burroughs the owner and creator of I was asking him about some tips on running a site like his and on how to keep on growing Let Loose Racing, I didn't expect him to reply but what he did reply shocked me even more "I would LOVE to feature your race car, That thing is amazing".

A big part of me thought this is way to good to be true, see StanceWorks is a car culture site that I have religiously checked on weekly to see there latest stuff, they pretty much do what Beau and I want to do with Let Loose Racing so you can understand how amazingly awesome it was that Mike the owner of StanceWorks actually wanted to feature my car, after all the time i'd spent on there site my car was going to grace there pages, but enough of that how about I just share with you all the link to the feature and you guys check it out and let us know what you think?!

Click Here - StanceWorks Let Loose XF Feature.

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