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Riley Stair Visit's Hoonigan With His Epic Trans Am

We've shown you a glimpse of Riley Stair's amazing Trans Am race car build before but now you get to have a proper look over the car as Hoonigan has done a build break down on the car and oh wow what a car this is, I mean a 10'000 rpm 1000hp LS is pretty amazing but that is only just the start as every where you look at this car there is just stacks of epic detail and custom fab work that was all completed by Riley in a little single carport at his parents house.

Riley claims that the car was built as a business card to try and get into building car like this as a full time job and surely after this that dream come true, I honestly cant remember the last car I spent obsessing this much over and just looking over all the detail, the big thing now is lets see it in anger on the racetrack!

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