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#WannaBeRacer Rear End Time

Building a house has seriously impacted my race car building funds and to be honest i've seriously made stuff all progress on the XF lately and its eating away at me, nearly every penny I earn atm goes towards my home loan, but hopefully over the next 2 months I can cut back on the savings and start spending on the race car again.

One of the main areas needing a cash influx is the rear end as its relatively been untouched back there for 25 years, the only thing I have done is install a set of Koni adjustable shocks and a pair of Kmac custom springs.

The diff is probably the biggest reason as to why we have run the car on the dyno yet, its running a standard Borgwarner with a 2.77 gear set, with money being tight we will probably just clean up what we have to for now and change the gears to 4.11's to help the little Windsor get up and go!

I've seen a few XF's before with the rear diff hat changed to an AU one witch allows the watts linkage to set at a much better angle, while the diff is out getting done we will also pretty up underneath the back half of the car as its in desperate need for it.

One thing we also need to play with is the exhaust clearance, one way I might fix that with is raising the rear 10mm, and modify the hangers and tuck the exhaust as high as possible.

As most would know we have had to cancel our shakedown date of march 16th and we are in a position at the moment where I cant exactly say when I will shake down the car, I still have the goal of running at least two rounds of the VicV8's series at the end of the year so you will see the car on the racetrack sometime this year mark my words!

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