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Getting The Thumbs Up From Dick!

I knew that the look I was going for with the XF would attract some attention but I couldn't have believed in my wildest dreams that it would get half the attention that it does, while at World Time Attack I was talking to people on the Raceworks stand when I had noticed that the attention of the people I was talking to had changed from me to someone next to my car, little did I know it was Dick Johnson and he was checking out the #WannaBeRacer Falcon, I rather nervously introduced myself to Dick, he asked me all about the car and what we had planned for it, to have someone like him show interest in my car was just crazy, Growing up I was the biggest fan of his and still to this day his Green's Tuf XE is in my opinion the best looking racecar on the planet. All in all Dick absolutely loved the car and thought it was cool to see a young bloke like me still trying to race these cars.

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