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Historic Racing At Sandown

Last weekend we attended the VHRR Historic Event at Sandown for what was a fantastic event. We attended this event a few years ago but since that time every year the event has been on we have been caught up in other commitments. This year we made sure we set everything aside in order to visit this event and it reminded us why we loved it so much.

The variety of cars at this event blows my mind. From race cars to show cars of all different ages.

There's a lot to see whether it be on or off track a great example was this group of Ferraris parked at the main entrance. I'm not sure what this 250 GTO and 250 Testa Rossa would be worth but I'm guessing it would be in the multi millions.

One of my favourite classes to watch was the always popular Group A racing. The field of cars was fantastic and I love all the different sounds. There were a few Sierras racing on the weekend and wow those little Cosworth engines are amazing. This yellow Benson and Hedges example above was built in 1990 by Frank Gardner and Jim Stone and driven by Tony Longhurst and was said to be the best built Sierra chassis of its time. And with around 530hp in such a nimble little package its easy to see why these cars were so popular in the early 90s.

Not many things better in this world then a well executed Shelby GT350 Race car. This one was a great example.

The cars at this event range from 2018 show cars.

All the way back to early 1900s race cars and everything in between.

Group C and N classes were also out in full swing with great size fields and awesome racing. The racing was amazing some of the best I've seen and again the quality of cars is truly awesome and I love that all the cars remain with there original liveries as raced in there prime.

To summaries this event if your a fan of the history of not just Australian motorsport but world wide motorsport and would love to see some of the best cars of every decade then the VHRR Historic event is the event for you. The cars aren't just cruised around the track for exhibition there properly formed classes and they race hard and fast.

Thanks for reading.

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