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10,000 Followers, Defining Let Loose Racing.

At the beginning of this year we had one serious goal we wanted to reach 10,000 followers on Facebook, and in little over 11 month we reached our goal and its all because of you our loyal fans and followers, so with that being said thank you all so much 2018 was epic for us we got the #WannaBeRacer semi done, we attended our first big event under the Let Loose banner and we secured our very first sponsor at said event.

With all that we are now even more excited for 2019, a'lot of people ask us what is Let Loose Racing and 2019 is the year that we truly show everyone what we are really about, we want to showcase the Australian car scene to everyone, brands like Speedhunters and Stanceworks not only showcase America's and well frankly the worlds automotive scene they help push it to the next level and honestly I think thats exactly what Australia needs in the scene, so with all that being said our main goal for Let Loose Racing in 2019 is to shoot and feature as many cars and events as we possibly can, we want to provide a platform for builders, designers and shops to feature there work, every year in the states we see such epic builds coming together for shows like Sema, in Australia we have Motor Ex and its beginning to become Sema esc but we lack a platform out there to showcase all of this, Since we were kids we've had our heads stuck in car magazines and still to this day we buy magazines monthly but the one criticism we have is they all can be to one eyed when it comes to the genre of cars they feature, sometimes it like your flicking though the same magazine month in and month out, And to be honest now we are living in the internet age so we want to break the genre and feature everything in the scene and one thing in particular that is lost in Australia is the epic race cars we build and have here so thats one big thing you will see us featuring, we want to build this site into the goto place for automotive content.

Once again though thank you for coming along for the journey!

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