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YouTube - Riley Stair's Trans Am Is Our Kind Of Sema Build.

Sema is probably the highest on our bucket list of events to go to, Beau and I have been talking (dreaming) of going for years but it just seems to some how not happen, one year we will make it over there but for now every year when it does come round we sit around like little kids on Christmas morning waiting for photos to be put up on Instagram and videos on YouTube, today was day 1 and I can quite confidently say I have found my favourite car of the event already, This is Riley Stair's 1970 Pontiac Trans Am, there really isn't much info about it yet but it looks absolutely amazing and from what I can see on Riley's Instagram it has been kept a bit of a secret, This is the kind of car that makes me kick myself that I am not over there seeing it in person. I've always wanted to build and then evolve the XF and show and document it all through this site with you all and this car to me is a pretty good example of what the final stage of the XF will look like I mean imagine coming home after a long day at work and this in the shed, actually imagine strapping in and heading out onto the track!!! Owner : @RileyStair

Video credit : MetalWorks Classic Auto Restoration

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