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The #WannaBeRacer Update And Track Debut Date!

The last couple of months have been hektik! So I thought i'd give everyone a bit of an update on where were at with the car and what our immediate plans are. First off i'll start by saying we have chosen a target date to shakedown the car and that will be march 16th at Sandown Raceway, I would have loved to get it out sometime this year but I made a silly decision and decided to buy a house so thats hurt the bank a tad, so this will give us plenty of time to get money in order and sort out a few changes with the car while finishing it.

While we have finished quite alot on the XF theres always still more to do and I swear the close I get to finishing the car the more little things I find to do.

The engine is pretty straight forward we just need to tidy everything up a bit, clean up all the lines and wiring, run the power steering lines and make up some spacers for the shock towers and make up a strut brace.

Inside the car theres a bit of work todo, I really want to fit the car out with a fire bomb kit as it cant hurt to add safety gear, I need to finish mounting the seat 100% and the fit racing harnesses, The wiring is done enough for the car to start and run but its far from complete, I really wanna change up a fair bit of it and make the overall quality of some of the fitting and clips a bit better. Everything needs to be tightened or maybe rubber mounted here and there as it rattles.... alot!

14 is a number that I have always used for everything, unfortunately though in the category i'm going to run in its already taken so I've found a replacement number already, Ill give you's a hint its used in a famous racing movie....

The biggest part of the car we still need to do is pull the rear end out, the diff needs to be rebuild with 31 spline axles, full spool and we are still yet to decide what ratio to go i'm leaning more towards 3.73 but we will do a bit more math and figure that out, also the rear brakes still need to be ordered and all the rear end bushes need to be done aswell, as you can see the lower valance panel was damaged abit going on to the tow truck so that will need some attention to.

Last but not least I thought i'd give you all abit of a video of it idling and a couple little revs, I couldnt really give it to much as we really havent tuned it at all just got the timing in a decent position, its got a slight exhaust leak that ill attend to and I still need to wire in the thermos and alternator but apart from that she runs great let us know what you think of that sound of it.

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