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XDRIFT And The #WannaBeRacer XF Together At WTAC

One thing I was super excited about going into the World Time Attack weekend was finally getting to see XDRIFT in person, Danny Probert the owner of XDRIFT and I have known each other for quite some time but we'd never actually met face to face so we made that a goal for the weekend and to get the cars side by side, you dont really see to many XD drift cars or XF racecars so to have these to next to each other was pretty special Danny and I both wanted to be different in our respected scenes and I think we have accomplished that pretty well.

We originally started talking on an X series Falcon forum and over the years we have spoken quite alot about Danny's build and my own, I always enjoyed talking to Danny and reading his forum posts as you will quickly find out when I do a blog post soon on XDRIFT he is very detail oriented and keeps no secrets when talking about his car.

To see the cars sitting side by side was a pretty cool feeling I've followed the build of XDRIFT from day 1, i've seen it evolve over a few different versions and to see it all done sitting in front of me was just awesome.

To say we pulled a crowd when we begun lining the cars up for photos is an understatement, its pretty cool to think that at a show that is well and truly dominated by Japanese cars that two old Falcons could draw so much attention!

Let Loose Racing has always tried to support the build of XDRIFT and help get the name and build out there for everyone to see.

I may be biased but the two old Falcon did look pretty epic amongst the JDM crowd!

We will have a detailed blog of XDRIFT coming soon so make sure you keep upto date with the website :)

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