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World Time Attack Challenge 2018

Every year around this time of year we find our selves tuning into live streams and constantly checking our phones to see photos and results of World Time Attack.

But this year!! this year was different!!

When Raceworks asked us to have the xf on display we knew it was a great excuse to not only tick a lot of boxes of the list of things to do to get it running but also to get a first hand look at why this event is regarded as one of the best motorsport events in Australia.

The Saturday of the event saw the skid pan play host to a car show 99% of witch were stance cars and I must say if its stance cars your into no state does it better then Sydney.

There was a good mix between Japanese...

And Euro cars on display.

This ls engine looked quite at home swapped into the E30 Bmw's bay and was very nicely done.

The quality of drift cars at the event was just amazing. Its so cool to see drivers from all around the world all come together in one place for a battle royal. A great example is Jake Jones (Drift Squid) crazy 2jz powered Bmw.

One car I was really looking forward to seeing was Fanga Dan and his RTR Mustang. Unfortunately on the Friday morning he had in incident when leaving pit lane witch put the Mustang on the sidelines for the day.

Fortunately with the approval of the rest of the drift teams Fanga Dan was able to share Carl Thompsons car during Friday sessions and then Saturday go back to he's Mustang once it was repaired.

Limits where pushed all weekend.

Never get tired of watching Beau Yates drive. Watching his Toyota 86 scream down the front straight drifting from one side of the track to the other would have to be one off the coolest things ive ever seen.

The area of the weekend where the most focus lied was on pit lane witch was home to all the time attack cars. They were split up into 4 different classes pro, pro am, open class and clubsprint.

The teams aren't here to muck around. All weekend at any time of the day you will find engineers and team members going through data and making a lot of changes in order to find that perfect balance.

I know where sounding like complete Beau Yates fan boys in this post (probably because we are) but his builds and professionalism are something were massive fans off. Like he's recently finished Toyota AE86 now in full time attack spec and was driven all weekend by the famous Keiichi Tsuchiya in the open class.

When the track got super wet the front wheel drive cars seem to come into there own still posting crazy quick times.

There's nothing like the look of carbon fibre and there was no shortage of it up and down pit lane.

Would you like an Evo with you aero.

And now for the car that stole the show the PR Technology Porsche RP968. Getting the chance to watch and listen to the new record 1.19.825 lap was just incredible. 6th gear and accelerator at the floor through turn 1 is just a small hint at just how full on these pro cars are.

There's only one way to end this post and that's with WOW!! Its taken us a while to finally get to see a world time attack event but were so glad it was this years event. We got to meet a lot of new people and to see so many people like the XF and what were doing with the Let Loose Racing brand was really motivating and getting to meet some faces and and talk to people behind the builds of some cars we have been big fans of for a long time was awesome also.

Thanks for reading.

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