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The #WannaBeRacer On Display With Raceworks At WTAC

When Raceworks first asked me about potentially taking the XF up to World Time Attack at Sydney Motorsport Park I was a tad bit hesitent as I really didn't know what stage of the build the car would still be in and I didn't want to drag it all the way up there as a roller, So with the help of my good mates we went hammer and tong on the car for the passed 4 weeks to get it to the point we could fire it up and drive it up on the trailer, it took alot of long nights and a heap more money then I thought it would but after all the effort the night before we left we towed the car down to Bog Stock Conversions and got it running, I was so nervous to hear it run for the first time but it didn't disappoint me... but more on that later!

We left for Sydney at about 5.30 in the morning after only a couple hours sleep I'd done the Melbourne to Sydney run a few times and it was exactly how I remembered BORING, But unlike all the other times it was so worth it as once we arrived to Sydney Motorsport Park we quickly realised how epic our weekend was about to be!

Raceworks had a large setup in the trade display area and absolutely knocked the setup out of the park as it all looked amazing, they had such a diverse range of cars there, Racecars, drag cars, time attack and show cars, all of them completely different from one another but shared one similarity, we all shared that passion for all things cars I couldn't have asked to spend the weekend with a better group of people.

Over the whole weekend people flocked to check out everything Raceworks had on display, including this pretty epic little Corolla stuffed with a 2jz with a decent little turbo on it!!

All weekend long I think the Corolla was mocking the XF I swear I heard it mumble "I make more power on idle...."

The main attraction to the trade stand was of course all of Raceworks amazing products, I may sound biased as we are sponsored by them but truthfully we had already planned on running there products as my brother runs them in his drift car and we loved all there stuff in that application so it was only fitting that we use them again so you could imagine my excitement when Raceworks provided me with boxes and boxes of all there fuel products for free!!

Raceworks had a decent selection of its catalogue on display, there real specialty though is fuel systems, when I first begun talking to Raceworks about sponsorship they had asked what did I want to run fuel setup wise and my reply pretty much you guys do what you want as I was extremely confident in there knowledge and it was a pretty good decision in the end.

This looks pretty similar to my boot to be honest, such a simple and effective setup.

Raceworks also had a competition over the weekend for people to guess how much of there products are on this SR turbo setup, we guessed around 30... we definitely did not win.

Ran from Built By Wizards Raced By Madmen brought his amazing Sports Sedan Honda Prelude.... well whats left of a Honda Prelude out and oh what a car it is, its everything I love about race cars big phat and angry!

Even with the very average weather over the weekend there was a pretty constant amount of foot traffic.

Such a different variety of cars but they all somehow someway looked pretty bloody good together, I have to say a massive thank you to Jamie Casperz and Raceworks for making this happen it was an amazing weekend, we will have a couple of blog posts covering off all of the weekend to come!

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