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Shooting A Pink RWB Porsche With An iPhone

Going through my phone having a look at some old photo's when I stumbled on this beauty, I don't know anything that really beats an RWB Porsche for sheer presence, the abosolutely gigantic kits these cars feature are just insane but at the same time they look soo at home like as if thats how they should have been produced in the first place.

Ive only just begone taking my camera with me every where so in the passed if I seen something I liked my trusty iPhone was my tool of choice, not that we can complain these days as phone tech has come such a long way and the camera that my current iPhone X features is pretty handy at taking a decent shot, so when I do get sick of carrying my camera around the Grand Prix weekend for 4 days I can rely on it getting a not to shabby shot.

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