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The #WannaBeRacer Gets An Exhaust

So we decided to tow the XF down to one of my good mate's workshop to begin make a set of pipes for the little Windsor to scream through, now because this is an XF with a Windsor in it and the fact that its also a race car you cant really just go out a pick an exhaust up off the shelf and bolt it on so we made our own...

Once we chucked the car up on the hoist I quickly sat back and just stared at the car, i'm not sure how or even what i'm gonna do just yet but we will build some sort of splitter for it, the front just lacks something special.

Our biggest problem coming into building an exhaust was always going to be the fact that the ride height of the car is very low, I had originally wanted to do blast pipes coming out each side under the sill but clearance issues kind of put a hold to that.

Up front the exhaust begins with a set of Pacemaker Headers, there is'nt a massive amount of choice when it come to extractors for this combo as the GT40P heads come with a different spark plug angle then all other Windsor heads so there isn't many out there but i'm not gonna lie i'm pretty happy with Pacemakers.

1.3/4 Primaries into twin 3 inch hot dogs and about a metre and a half of straight 3 inch piping surely it'll pass decibels levels at tracks like Sandown!!!

So about that clearance... This will probably explain better then anything the issues we had with the side exiting pipes. The only real critism I have of the headers are the fact that they hang so low, i'll just have to make sure I keep all four tyres on the track and not run over any massive curbs.

Its a tad bit hard to see but the pipes dump just before the rear axle, I really wanted to have them exit under the sill and have two blast tips on each side similar to a NASCAR but even with the squashed style tips clearance is still a massive issue and I refuse to raise the car at all!

The big question now is will it be to loud??? Probably is the answer i'm leaning towards, but it wont be hard to add in two mufflers if we have to.

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