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Hi-Tec Drift All Stars Round 2

After attending so many Vic Drift Practice events we decided it was time to make the travel to Winton for round 2 of the Hi-Tec Drift All Stars event. This event reminded us of why we fell in love with drifting and seeing some proper battles was really something we had been missing. Also it was a great time to get to try out my new camera gear.

This s15 was so clean and modest compared to the rest of the drift cars you could almost mistake it for being a street car.

Qualifying was great to watch and this photo of Moe Elhaouli shows just how hard the boys were pushing for that number 1 spot.

Beau Yates ended up qualifying in 1st and would setup what was to be an awesome afternoon of battles.

My cousin Taylar Bomer was also out driving his first ever Hi-tec event in his crazy turbo ls s13. It was also his first time competing since starting drifting only a few years ago and even though he's car was suffering power steering issues he still went on to put in two solid qualifying runs. Going into the first round of battles the steering issues continued and unfortunately he didn't get the win.

The highlight of the event would have to be watching the battles between Moe Elhaouli and Beau Yates. They were both so consistent so much so that they would have to re-battle 2 more times. Unfortunately Moe's S13 developed engine issues and put Beau into the finals against Michael Prosenik.

I've been a big fan of Michael Prosenik's S13 for quite a while and seeing it up close and getting to photograph it was a big buzz for me.

Beau and Michael had both laid down awesome lead and chase runs and in the end Beau went on to win the round.

Really enjoyed the event was great to be back trackside taking photos again and we were long overdue for seeing a competition drift event. Now we cant wait for the next one.

Extra Photos.

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