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YouTube Playlist - The Festival of Speed

The GoodWood Festival of Speed is an event that up until a couple years ago we really didn't know much about, the annual event was founded by Lord March in 1993 and has grown in stature every single year to the point now that the even is truly a bucket list item for any motorsport fan. Goodwood attracts all types of cars and bikes from the motorsport world, anything from modern and classic racercars, Formula 1, Indy cars, NASCAR, Lemans winners, V8 Supercars and sooo much more.

Without a doubt our favourite to watch go up the hill is easily Mike Skinner in his Toyota Tundra NASCAR truck, Mike leaves nothing left on the track and really puts his truck on the line.

Mad Mike has become quite the regular at Goodwood, every year he brings one of his crazy drift cars and shows off up the hill doing what he does best.

It really wouldnt be a hill climb event without Rod Millen showing up in one of his crazy Pikes Peak creations, Rod in his Pikes Peak Toyota Tacoma is quite the spectacle, sliding all the way up the hill to one epic lap that never gets old to watch.

As awesome as it is to see such amazing cars rich in history it does come at a risk, from time to time drivers get it wrong, cars suffer failures and the hill climb doesn't have much room for margin.

Here is the link to the full timed shootout of this years Goodwood Festival of Speed, the event has so much to see but this is what everyone comes to see, some of the top drivers from around the world pushing new and old racecars from most catergories to there absolute limit.

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