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Driftworks E30 M3 S65 V8 Race Car Build

Phil Morrison is the owner of the English company Driftworks, a business that started out as a group of friends that helped introduce the sport of drifting to the UK and eventually turned Driftworks into a very successful business that manufactures and sells millions in drifting and track performance products. Along with his ever-growing business he also boasts quite the car collection that includes one seriously crazy AE86 (DW86) drift car featuring a custom chassis and one very angry high revving LSX, a stanced Lamborghini Murcielago LP640, S15 SR Drift car, RWB 964 Turbo, Low rider Impala and a few GT3 Porsches among a few other cars.

His latest build is an E30 M3 race car and it does not disappoint, from what Phil knows the car seems to have started its life as some form of race shell for Prodrive but he's not too sure, he purchased it off of someone who had fitted it with and E92 S65 4.0 V8, Phil who is a bit of a perfectionist has turned this amazing track car into a piece of art, while his main goal for the car is to be very very fast around the Nurburgring he also wanted to make sure the car sits and look good and Phil let us just say you have done one amazing job! As this car is based over in England we cant really pop round to take some photos but we really wanted to share this amazing build with you so we thought we'd do a blog post with all the build footage that Phil and the Driftworks team have created, so take a look and enjoy!​

Photo by : Driftworks

Videos by : Driftworks

Instagram : @Philmorrisond2


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