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Meguiars Motor Ex 2018.

To be apart of the 2018 Melbourne Meguiars Motor Ex was something we will never forget, for years we have attended hundreds of car shows across the country as fans and to be on the other side and working for a brand that we have created and putting ourselves out there was one of the most rewarding thing we have ever done and we can not wait to get to do it again.

With over 500 cars on display there was plenty of eye candy for every type of motoring enthusiast.

This VL Calais would have to be one of the neatest we have ever seen, under the bonnet was a slightly modified LS that we get the feeling would propel this car down 400 metres pretty bloody quick.

Harrop had quite a large display setup this year and one of the cars they had really caught our eyes, this widebody CV8Z Monaro had a real SEMA vibe to it, our favourite feature on the car was the full race style digital dash.

New to Motor Ex this year was drifting, next to the Performance Garage Pavilion in a spot that is usually used for parking they had a large section barricaded off with cones setup in the middle, the drivers made this very little simple layout very very entertaining to watch and brought a whole new vibe to the atmosphere of Motor Ex, we have always found that Aussie events from time to time can really lack that last little bit that truly makes it a world class event and we think that Motor Ex have done such a great job with adding this to the event and turning it into the best event in Australia.

Beau Yates and his incredible 2JZ GT86 are on another level when it comes to Australian drifting, the professionalism he brings to the sport is second to no one in Australia, We truly think he could go straight to Formula Drift and be seriously competitive very quickly!

Hididng away in the corner of one of the pavilions was this VCM sponsored Porsche Cup car one of my personal favourite race cars and I must say with the little time I did have to sneak away I spent a fair bit of it looking over this.

NSFW Chassis porn, there is nothing more that I enjoy to see then a race car in the build, I think my raw chassis love comes from watching Days Of Thunder, the scene when Harry Hog building Cole Trickles first stock car is my all time favourite movie scene and seeing stuff like this brings me back to that every time!

Milwaukee had Will Davisons 23 Red Ford FGX Supercar on display, its was cool to see that car there on display as we were running that same car on the simulator all weekend, lots of kids got a kick out of the fact they could drive the car and then go have a photo with the real deal.

Imagine strapping in and holding on to this weapon, the ride will only last a quarter mile but what a ride it would be!

RWB built Porsches are taking the world by storm, it seems that everyone month there has been a new creation completed, if you are'nt familiar with RWB do yourself a favour and type in RWB Porsche on YouTube.

Superutes had the all new Ford Ranger race ute on display, we must say for a work ute it does look pretty aggressive.

WMR had there amazing Honda Prelude sports sedan on display, I never thought i'd ever say this but it is one hot Prelude!

Not your average V8 Supercar, this Ford is a bit of a cross bread featuring a 900hp Chevrolet NASCAR engine, with updated 18 inch wheels and a few other bits and pieces.

There was so many amazing cars on display that we didnt shoot, we suggest if you do wanna check out more of what was on display check out

All weekend we were flat out with people queuing to use the Let Loose Racing Simulator, we had a challenge going to find the fastest sim racer of the weekend, it was $10 for 4 laps, we had everyone from Pro racing drivers to fans that have never even played a car racing video game before jump on and have a shot.

The feedback we received on the simulator all weekend was very very positive, we have put a'lot of thought and effort into building the perfect sim for us to compete against other sim racers with but not only do we want to use the sim for our own use we eventually would like to make and sell the frame setup and or the complete package setup but more on that later.

Jeremiah Morton took out the two day Sim Racing challenge, we ran an FGX Supercar at Albert Park on Assetto Corsa and Jeremiah a fellow sim racer took out the fastest time of the weekend with a time of 2.00.07

All in all Motor Ex was an amazing weekend and one we will never forget, we are already planning for Motor Ex next time!

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