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RoadKill - Street "Legal" Stock Car Body Swap.

One of our favourite shows to watch is RoadKill, if you have never seen it do yourself a favour its any car lovers dream show, Freiburger and Finnegan have created this amazing show that follows them on all kinds of random car journeys, This one in particular they take an asphalt circle track race car and slap a Monte Carlo body on it and then drive it to a dirt oval track for some fun.

Rhys Millen - Pikes Peak International Hill Climb 4K

Rhys Millen is a very big name in the motorsport world, the fast kiwi has had a dabble in nearly all forms of motorsport and driven in most movies and tv commercials that feature a car, in this video he tackles the world famous Pikes Peak hill climb in his former Formula Drift Hyundai Genesis.

The Great Depression - James Schwartz

James Schwartz has turned his 1930 model A into something that looks like a bored teenager with a very out there imagination drew up on Photoshop, This is one Hotrod that truly takes the cake for originality, featuring a Honda S2000 engine up front and rolling on 4 pretty fat drag slicks all round the stance this Rod has is truly unique.

Factory 5 Cobra Detonates Driveshaft //DT240

The boys down at Hoonigan never fail to provide quality content, on this episode of daily transmissions Factory 5 bring there Kit race car Cobra, the quality they have provided in this beautiful Cobra is second to none, unfortunately, the little Cobra smashes the drive shafts on the pad.


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