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The #WannaBeRacer Made It To Motor Ex.

I still cant believe we made it to Motor Ex, we had talked about entering Motor Ex for passed 6 or so months but the biggest factor always was can we get the XF into a state that was showable, to complete all the body work and paint in time for the show was not an easy task but we managed and the result is a pretty good one, the car is looking exactly how I had visioned for so long and yet after the weekend i've found so much more I want to add to it.

There was supposed to be a post in between this one and the previous blog post but I somehow managed to wipe my macbook hard drive and loose all my photos.

So whats new since last time, first off the body of the car is pretty much completely back together and I must say it looks amazing, also you'll notice we have started a bit of a livery.

As you all know we are building the car with a bit of a NASCAR theme, hense the massive number 14 on the door and drivers side head light, my name on the roof and sponsor down the quarter panel, its all still very much incomplete there is alot we are going to add still, all weekend I had people saying check out the NASCAR Falcon so I think I did an ok job with the look so far!

The feedback we received all weekend was truly awesome we even had one of the companies there tell Beau "Thats the best car here, it looks f*cking amazing" now its far from the best car there but to have someone say that made me pretty bloody happy.

The #WannaBeRacer being on display doesn't mean that the car is finished, actually its quite the opposite we wanted to show people what we are building and what we have planned for it while also advertising that you can follow the build in its entirety through this blog. We still need to get the engine all done and running and to finish off the rear suspension, diff, tail-shaft, fuel system, brakes and lots lots more.

One of the best parts of the weekend is we had a few companies approach us to discuss potentially sponsoring the car, this is something that I didn't expect at all coming into this show but it just shows all the hard work and thought thats gone into the car is paying off, once these discussions start to move along a bit more me will share with you all the details.

All in all the weekend was awesome and i'm so motivated to get this thing running now as the race track is calling my name and i'm super keen to finally drive it. We will do a full event run down on Motor Ex and hopefully have that up within the next few days.

#ford #XF #wannaberacer #MotorEx

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