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Our Youtube Playlist.

Something we wanna do every fortnight is share with you all what we have been watching on YouTube lately, lately we find we spend more time watching content on YouTube rather than free to air TV or even Foxtel, when it comes to Motorsport and cars YouTube is like heaven the number of amazing videos is endless so enjoy some of our favourites!


Robyworks follows the HGK drift team at the last Formula Drift event of the year when they suffer an engine failure and have to rush the debut of there newly built E92 Eurofighter.

Catch our drift Melbourne? | Daniel Ricciardo meets Mad Mike for an Albert Park drift!

Red Bull brought Mad Mike out to Albert Park for the start of the F1 season to shoot a promo video of him showing Daniel Ricciardo his MX5 Formula Drift comp car and what it can do around the Grand Prix track.

Williams FW19 (1997) [VRC Mod] @ Silverstone [LiNK] | Assetto Corsa

Lets Go Race is a YouTube channel we watch a bit, POV sim racing content is something we enjoy to watch and something that we soon will also be creating and sharing as a blog series.

Alfa Romeo Tipo 33: The Racers’ Reunion

Petrolicious make some seriously amazing quality videos of true automotive and motorsport hero cars, the quality of there videos are movie quality and will not dissapoint.

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